Manual Hospital Bed


Semi-electric Hospital Bed

An electric motor is used to raise and lower the head and foot portions of the bed. Patients and caregivers adjust the positioning by pressing buttons on a hand pendant. The height of the bed is adjusted manually with a hand crank and will require someone that is physically able use it. Semi-electric beds are ideal for people that do not require the height of the bed to be adjusted often but will benefit from touch of a button positioning.

Full Electric Hospital Bed

Height and positioning of the bed is controlled by the patient and/or caregiver with a hand pendant and does not require the use of a hand crank (unless there is a power outage, but many beds now have a back-up battery that would power the bed in emergency situations). Full electric beds make it easier for patients to get in and out of bed or raise the bed to a comfortable height for the caregiver to tend to the patient or to change linens. Often full electric beds have more positions available such as Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and cardiac chair positions.


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