Hospital Bed Two Function Manual Price In BD

৳ 33,000.00



China Standard Double Crank Hospital Bed AS-02 is a high-quality and versatile bed designed to meet the needs of healthcare facilities and home care settings. It offers superior functionality, stability, and comfort to ensure optimal care and support for patients.

The bed features a sturdy construction with a welded frame made of high-quality cold rolling carbon steel tubes, providing durability and long-lasting performance. The headboard and footboard are made of P.P (polypropylene) material and incorporate a unique locking device for stability and convenient unloading.

The bed board is constructed with impact-resistant high-quality cold rolling steel sheets, capable of withstanding impact. The aluminum alloy side rails are hardened and strengthened, providing mobility and side positioning for enhanced safety and stability. The bed also includes infusion support sockets at various positions for convenient fluid infusion and improved patient care efficiency.

The backrest board has a dual supporting structure that evenly distributes pressure, promoting patient comfort and reducing the risk of pressure sores. The innovative “U” jack foot design adds stability to the bed. The cranking handle is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), a durable material known for its strength and reliability.

The AS-02 offers adjustable backrest and knee rest positions, allowing patients to customize their comfort with backrest adjustment from 0° to 80° and knee rest adjustment from 0° to 40°. The mattress base has a generous size of 216cm (L) x 98cm (W) to ensure ample space for patient comfort.

With a height of 50cm from the floor to the mattress base, the bed provides easy accessibility for patients and caregivers. It has a robust loading capacity of 240 kgs, ensuring stability and safety during patient use.

Optional accessories for the AS-02 include the Chemsafe mattress, which enhances patient comfort and pressure relief with excellent support and hygiene. The bedside locker adds convenience and storage space, allowing patients to keep personal belongings within reach. The overbed table provides a versatile surface for eating, working, or engaging in activities while remaining comfortably in bed.

The bed’s specifications include a size of 2160x1000x500 mm and a net weight of 80 KG.

Invest in the China Standard Double Crank Hospital Bed AS-02 to ensure reliable and comfortable care for your patients. Its adjustable features, sturdy construction, and optional accessories make it a versatile solution for healthcare facilities. Order now to experience the exceptional quality and functionality it offers.